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Apply for residencies at SERDE by 27th of March

Submitted by signe on Thu, 03/10/2022 - 08:10

We are looking for artists and creators who are professionals in their field and are able to work independently, produce their work in our offered facilities and unusual circumstances, but are also open for cooperation with local audience and hosts.

On 2022 priorities will be given to the applicants who are interested to explore the local environment, lifestyle, traditions, culture and local economic and afterwards to make a documentation in any medium they professionally represent (visual art, movement, music, research etc.)

We support our residents with
- free access to the shared studio space - ceramics, wood, metal, mix materials and analogue photo laboratory;
- guided tour in local town;
- opportunities to present your work in the local context by organizing open studios or artist presentation;
- collaboration with local institutions and persons in case your proposal is connected with research of Latvian culture and traditions, or your artwork has to be exhibited in public space;
- letter of support for individual grant seeking.

At the end of residency send a few photos and short text about your work for the annual publication on
You are invited to share your residency results with the local audience at annual SERDE event “AppleThink” in 10th of September, 2022.

The residency fee is 100e/person/1 week, 180e/person/2 weeks, and 300e/person/4 weeks. The residents are responsible for their own travel arrangements, as well as their material and living costs during their stay.

Artists from Ukraine free of charge!

Application form here

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